Saying what you are saying


Mr. Ed Says Hello by Nicholas Cardot, Attribution License

Rachael Cayley (Explorations of Style) says that one her most frequent criticisms of graduate students’ academic writing is that it tells a lot about the topic but not enough about the text they are constructing. She explains what she is talking about in her post about Metadiscourse and it is worth having a look at the examples she gives of the different types of metadiscourse.

Rachael defines metadiscourse as “all the things we do to guide and engage our readers“. It encompasses signposting, which we have discussed before, but also includes the language through which we indicate how what we are saying fits together, and our opinion of the topics we are discussing. We can’t just present the reader with facts. We have to say what we are saying about those facts.

Check our Rachael’s post here:

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