Combining cross references in Word


Crossing the road by, Attribution-NoDerivs Licence

I have posted before about using cross references in Word. Cross references refer to things like tables and figures in your document (for example Figure 1, Table 1). Inserting them using the cross reference tool in Word lets Word keep track of which figure you are referring to, even if you rearrange the figures in your document.

But occasionally you need to refer to a few tables or figures in a row. For example you may wish to write Figures 1-3. The normal way of inserting cross references in Word would format them as Figure 1 – Figure 3). But there is a way to control the way the cross reference is displayed to remove the repeated word Figure. You just need to change the switches in the field code. The cross reference is a field and the switches control how it displays. There are just a couple of steps as outlined here:

In this case I would do this for both field codes (the one for Figure 1 and the one for Figure 3) so that then you can write the plural word Figures.

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