Statistical analysis of clinical significance


Archaeopteryx Cast by cmh4529, Attribution-NonCommercial License

Don’t be put off by the apparent subject matter of this editorial from the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, Dennis Drotar. Hidden inside what appears to be a discussion about writing up, is a very useful section entitled “Consider Statistical Analyses that Document Clinical Significance of Results” which actually concerns methods of analysis. In it, Drotar refers to several potentially useful bodies of literature on statistical methods of showing what research findings mean in terms of their potential functional or financial impact, effect on quality of life, and so on. Some good references to check out if you want to demonstrate, rather than just assert, the clinical significance of your findings.

Dennis Drotar (2009) Editorial: How to Write an Effective Results and Discussion for the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 34(4):339–343,


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