Deconstructing your argument


Deconstructing dog expressivity by Andra Mihali, Attribution-ShareAlike Licence

This is a great article by Dena Bain Taylor from the University of Toronto which explains how to write critical arguments—something we need to do in all scientific writing. A section in the middle of the article is particularly useful because it demonstrates how to look at piece of writing and deconstruct the argument being made.

Deconstructing helps you evaluate whether the argument is complete. It’s a good technique to use in your own writing, because it lets you analyse what you have written to see where your  argument needs fleshing out or doesn’t stack up.

Deconstructing also helps you summarise an argument. You will need to summarise your argument in your abstract, and at the end of the introduction.

Check out the article here.

Taylor DB (2008) Critical argument. Writing in the Health Sciences: a comprehensive guide Available at


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