Adding new endnote styles

Endnote comes preloaded with a lot of output styles. These are the rules that dictate how your citations and reference list looks. For example whether the citations are numbered or given by author and date, whether the reference list uses punctuation for the author initials, whether the article title is in capitals or bolded, whether the journal title is in italics and so on. One of the fantastic things about Endnote is the way it can change all of this for you when you change to a different output style.

Sometimes you may want to use an output style that does not come standard. For example the output styles for some veterinary journals do not come already loaded in Endnote. Or your lecturer may want you to use a particular one you haven’t got. But its easy to add them. There are really just two steps.

Firstly you need to find the output style. If you put the name of the journal into Google and add Endnote output style to the search terms you will likely go straight to it as the first search result. Alternatively Endnote have a search page at this link Here you can fill in the name of the style you want or search based on other criteria.


Once you have located your style you simply downloaded it to a convenient place (eg your desktop). Then

  1. Double click the style file that you just downloaded and it should open in Endnote.
  2. Within Endnote go to File Menu > Save As
  3. Replace the word copy with your style’s name and click Save
  4. Click on File Menu and choose Close Style.


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