Information you need so you can calculate sample size


Core Samples by Adam Winsor, Attribution-NonCommercial License

One of the biggest influences on the conclusions you can draw from your research, or anybody else’s, is the source and size of the sample used. The sample refers to the source of the data. It might be the animals you collected data from, participants in surveys or interviews, or even documents you analysed (for example, previous literature).

We will talk about the source of your sample another time, but for now lets just think about the size of the sample. When you are planning your research you will need to calculate the sample size you need in order to determine if your plans are feasible and will give you useful data. In this previous post I have given you information about how to do the calculations, but before you can do them you need to collect up some information. In this post, Karen Grace-Martin from the Analysis Factor shares a list of the information you need.


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