Some basics of the display in Endnote

This tutorial from Cushing/Whitney Medical Library at Yale gives some really basic advice about controlling what you see in the Endnote display. Although filmed using an older version of Endnote, the tips still apply to current versions.


Okay so since I wrote this post Yale have rearranged their website. The link i first gave stopped working. The one above is now corrected but is hanging because of too many redirects. Hopefully they get it sorted soon.

This page has the list of presentations and some of the other links might work better:


    • Hi Alison,
      thanks for the heads up about the broken link. Yale have been rearranging their website. Unfortunately, though I have corrected the link now, its got some redirects on it which are looping and its not working! Hopefully it will soon. I have added a link to their page of Endnote presentations as they are quite good and some others might work.
      Sorry about this!


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